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Hillcrest Cemetery

Photo of the sign for the cemetery that says Hillcrest Cemetery 1863 Zenith Hill Memorial 1965 Catholic Cemetery 1863 Chinese Cemetery 1863

Owned and managed at one time by the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa, established  in 1863 and later deeded to the Cemetery District.  Many of the Portuguese, Irish and Swedish residents were buried here.  There is a section that was set aside for Chinese burials.  Francisco Faria is the oldest person in the cemetery, born February 14,1798 and died October 31, 1904, at the age of 105 and after living in three centuries.  Kellys and MacCallums are buried here.  Jean MacCallum donated land which is now Zenith Hill Veterans Cemetery.  There are over 900 known burials.

There is also the Ann Pesula Memorial Urn Garden in Hillcrest Cemetery, made possible by a generous  donation from Ms. Pesula 2006. This Urn Garden has a capacity for 130 burials .